We provide free in home visit and consultation for your home media needs.

During inspection we check for

  • Prewiring – 5.1/7.1/5.1.2/7.1.2/7.1.4 for Surround or Dolby Atmos* setup
  • Prewiring for living room/patio/multi-room audio-video needs
  • Speaker positioning for best audio output
  • Optimal screen size for best viewing experience
  • Best seating position for each media room
  • Wiring and Controls termination In-closet or In-room
  • Expert suggestion for additional optimal performance and output
  • Expert suggestion for right equipment for that specific media room
  • Explain in greater detail about installation, calibration and automation procedure

*Dolby Atmos is a trademark of Dolby laboratories.


The Warranty terms, and Conditions apply to all sales by Smart Media Rooms. By agreeing to an invoice from Smart Media Rooms (SMR) you are agreeing with the Warranty, Terms, and Conditions herein.

Complimentary 30-day warranty for all mechanical failures and replacement of equipment*

Smart Media Rooms will provide free 1 year warranty program for workmanship and equipment purchased from Smart Media Rooms.

All equipment supplied by Smart Media Rooms comes with the full US manufacturer’s warranty.

Any equipment purchased from SMR should it fail within 1 year from the date of install, Smart Media Rooms will assist you in contacting the manufacturer, getting a replacement part/unit and send the technician to install the equipment at free of cost.

Any equipment failed after 1 year SMR will still assist clients with contacting manufacturer and getting the replacement part/unit. SMR however, will charge a flat fee $60.00 to send the technician and install the equipment*.